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Gulf Region’s first social app, exclusively connects Khaleejis

Meetup Khaleeji

The app is exclusibe to 8 countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arabi Emirates, Yemen and Iraq


Using the app map, you can see the top visited locations for Khaleeji users, and you can also check “who’s here”!

Our World

We showcase a platform that empowers Gulf region’s nationals and connect them with one another on a new level.

Khaleeji App

Khaleeji App helps you find khaleejis around you. Download Khaleeji now to socially and exclusively connect with Gulf Region’s nationals

Gulf Nationals United

We want a platform to empower Khaleeji nationals and connect them to one another on a different level.

We believe that reinventing the way we communicate with add value to the lifestyle of Khaleeji nationals and their communication with each other.

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A social media application that is exclusive to Arab Gulf area, containing favorite features for Khaleejis such as communication, camera and a map showing you best places for gatherings
From: Reem 2019
Khaleeji applicatiokn that is really great, easy and beneficial with joy of using. I advise anybody in Khaleej area to use it as it carries our culture and identity. May god bless you to spread benefit to us and to our people and I hope you to always improve to make the app more enjoyable.
Waleed (wat2468)
This is what the GCC has been waiting for. An app exclusively for GCC nationals that understands their needs and culture more than any other app on the market.
From: Shiekha UAE
Finally!! An application for us only! Love Khaleejis!
Alanoud (Top 5 app !)
Amazing work! Thank you for your efforts.
Mohamad (moh19919 )